Triple H ‘Very Thankful’ To Not Be On WWE WrestleMania 36

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Triple H is usually in a big spot at WrestleMania. That is not the case this year. The road to WrestleMania was also very full of unexpected moments that changed the event in dramatic ways.

While speaking to ESPN, Triple H expressed relief that he wasn’t on the WrestleMania card this year. He’s a full-time office worker and his plate is very full. This is one year that Triple H was thankful that he’s not on the WrestleMania line-up.

“Right now, I’m a full-time office guy. It’s funny, ironically I wasn’t scheduled to be in this year’s WrestleMania anyways. Every year as time goes by, it gets more and more hectic for me. Getting in the ring just becomes an added burden.”

“Especially this year, with the way things turned out, and what we wanted to accomplish, I was very thankful I wasn’t scheduled to be in the ring this year, because it would have been almost virtually impossible to do everything else that’s happening.”

Each Superstar who worked WrestleMania had a very interesting challenge ahead of them. WrestleMania might seem like it is missing a big name without Triple H wrestling on the event. This seemed like perfect timing for The Game to take a year off.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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