WATCH James Ellsworth Wrestle Backyard Match For Toilet Paper

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The world is well aware of the current novel coronavirus issue. When COVID-19 got to the United States a mad dash started across the country to secure what was apparently the most valuable commodity: toilet paper.

Hoarders snatched up Federal Reserve sized vaults of precious bathroom tissue. Some people can get quite desperate during a time like this, even James Ellsworth.

Ellsworth recently wrestled a match for GTS. This match was for some TP. It was quite a violent display, but you’d be surprised what someone would go through for some toilet paper in 2020.

It’s also probably worth noting that this video is a perfect example of how not to practice social distancing.

It’s a good thing that hand sanitizer wasn’t a part of the stipulation. Things could have gotten much worse for The Chinless Wonder if killing 99.9% of germs was on the line as well.

You can check out the entire match below from the sillySUPERPOP YouTube channel.

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