Booker T Set To Watch Homemade Fan Spin-A-Roonie Videos

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These are very interesting times. Fans are usually a big part of WWE programming as they fill arenas and watch the action live. Now that they cannot attend events WWE is figuring out new ways to get the fans involved.

WWE Backstage’s production is suspended until further notice. That won’t stop them from putting on some sort of a show.

WWE On Fox’s Twitter account sent out a request asking fans to send in videos of their best Spin-A-Roonies. They could receive a lot of entries depending on how many fans have room to try it out in isolation.

Ever wanted to show @BookerT5x your best “Spin-A-Roonie” impersonation? Tuesday is your chance!

Submit your clips below so Booker T himself can check them out. #WWEBackstage

The last time they attempted a WWE Backstage online broadcast, Jon Moxley dropped in on his wife Renee Young’s webcam. We’ll have to see what kind of responses Booker T gets with this little social media challenge.

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