John Cena Takes Shot At Bray Wyatt Before WrestleMania

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John Cena is rather smart when it comes to Instagram. He will post an image, but never explain himself. It seems like this latest post didn’t need much of an explanation.

Bray Wyatt once performed as Husky Harris in the stable Nexus. John Cena and Nexus had their dealings. Now Wyatt and Cena will battle once again at WrestleMania.

Cena posted a picture of Husky Harris on Instagram. This message was pretty clear. John Cena hasn’t forgotten about where he comes from. He hasn’t forgotten about where Bray Wyatt comes from either.

Wyatt seemingly embraced the Husky Harris persona as an out of shape version of who he used to be. Huskus The Pig Boy received his name in honor of Wyatt’s former persona.

We’ll have to see how WrestleMania turns out. John Cena will be facing someone much different from Husky Harris at the show of shows.

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