CM Punk is a Chicago native and loves that city. The Windy City is also getting hit hard with the novel coronavirus.

There are lock downs going on all over the United States. Stay at home orders are required to stop the spread of this awful virus. We’re all in this together including Phil Brooks.

CM Punk seems to be doing just fine at home. He has everything he could need including a dog who steals donuts and a wife who yells like his father mowing the lawn.

Lockdown just reminds me how fortunate I am. Totally fine locked in my awesome house with Larry, who steals donuts and my amazing wife who is scrubbing the entire house wearing headphones, occasionally yelling loudly like my dad cutting the grass listening to his Walkman.


CM Punk seems to be doing fine during this trying time. The coronavirus situation is scary, frustrating, and all things awful. We’ll make it through and pro wrestling will carry on. Some things might need to change, but we’ll still be right here at Ringside News.

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