Ken Shamrock made a name for himself by destroying opponents in the Octagon and in the ring. Social distancing was not a concept back then, but it certainly became a part of discussion at this point in his career.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man is not happy about the new social distancing trend in society. The novel coronavirus pandemic made this a priority. Many pro wrestling events are cancelled and that trend might not stop until the virus is contained.

Ken Shamrock spent a good amount of time firing off tweets to debate with fans as they batted around this subject on his Twitter account.

I just heard the president say let’s not make a bad situation worse by creating a recession that will be much worse than the virus I dont agree with the president on a lot of things but this is spot on more people die in care accidents than this virus will but we dont stop driving


Well ok let’s see how everyone feels if we dont start putting people back to work . & I am sure from your response that you are doing ok but from the not so well off people this is worse than the virus

So it’s the virus or crashing economy. Now the virus is dangerous to 5 percent of the population & the economy is 95perc of the population that would be effected by this shutdown & these are not my numbers I got them from the governor

5 percent of the population is vulnerable this is from a Dr, who is doing interviews for the virus control
The president said that we can not survive not having the American people working l agree

These people are listening to everything that is said & most of it is uncertain minds they have even said they dont really know what they are dealing with

You can check out his tweets below long with the counterpoints. This is a debate that will likely wage on for quite a while. In the meantime, everyone should be doing what they can, even Ken Shamrock.

Felix Upton

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