Paige Jokes About Taking Bribes In The Form Of Toilet Paper & Lysol Wipes

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We are in a very interesting period of human history. Suddenly, toilet paper and Lysol wipes have monetary value that most never expected.

Paige booked a six-pack challenge match for Bayley last week on SmackDown. This week that match was quietly changed as Dana Brooke was taken out of the match.

Bayley joked about Paige adding someone else to the match. This was answered by Paige who said that she can always add another woman to the match, or she could go away with some specific bribes.

I can add one more. Or this could all go way. I take bribes. (Toilet paper. Lysol wipes. Bread.)

We’ll have to see if WWE adds another woman to the SmackDown Women’s Title match to make it a six pack challenge once again. It appears that they might go with a five-way at this point.

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