Brodie Lee Orders Evil Uno To Take Over Daily Ritual

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AEW debuted Brodie Lee last week as The Dark Order’s Exalted One. Now the former Luke Harper is leading his own stable of heels.

Brodie Lee has a habit of tweeting out every day to remind fans what day of the week it is. Lee recently passed that responsibility on to Evil Uno.

Lee tweeted out to Uno saying: “Tweet me daily what day of the week it is.” Uno was able to please The Exalted One on Monday, but he received an interesting reply when he tweeted out on Tuesday.

A bit late, but ok

Evil Uno apologized to his Exalted One for waking up late.

It seems like Brodie Lee is a tough man to make happy. Perhaps the Dark Order can continue to brutalize their opponents and satisfy Brodie Lee that way.

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