Ryback Rips On Closed Set Tapings For Putting Wrestlers’ Health In Jeopardy

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WWE and AEW are doing everything they can to keep pro wrestling on television during the world’s current situation. Ryback doesn’t even like the idea of doing a closed set taping.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ryback explained why he’s not a fan of the closed set tapings. There is a COVID-19 pandemic going on and he feels that even with the current precautions in place they are still putting wrestlers at risk.

I don’t like them and the reason I don’t like them that the rest of the world is shutting down. I understand that the show must go on but this is that one time when it shouldn’t. You’re putting the wrestlers in jeopardy when you’re making them travel. Pro Wrestling is not pro wrestling without a crowd.

Some companies in Japan are holding public events again. Then again, NJPW also recently cancelled additional shows. Hopefully, the USA will see a huge improvement before another spike in COVID-19 cases and everything can get back to normal.

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