Push-Up Challenge Is Taking Over During COVID-19 Isolation

A lot of people are staying indoors right now. COVID-19 is nothing to mess with, and until there is a cure a lot of people will be isolated. They need things to keep themselves busy and online challenges provide that perfect distraction.

The push-up challenge is simple. You do 30 push-ups and then pass the challenge on to others. Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Shazza McKenzie and others have already participated in this challenge while in isolation. Plenty more are doing it as well.

As more pro wrestling stars do this challenge they will likely pass it along to others. Pretty soon our timelines will be full of Superstars showing off their professional push-up abilities.

You can check out a couple videos of the push-up challenge from our Official Ringside News Instagram profile below.

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Written by H Jenkins

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