Sami Callihan Refuses To Work Again Until Coronavirus Is Contained

The coronavirus has caused a lot of cancellations so far. Now it appears that the virus has halted Sami Callihan’s career.

The former Impact World Champion tweeted out “f*ck character, f*ck storylines,” because it’s not worth the risk to expose himself to the coronavirus. He’s not putting himself at risk.

Sami Callihan said that he’s sorry, but he’s not showing up until the virus is contained.

F*ck characters, f*cks storylines…. our safety is the most important thing.

Until this gets better I’m not going to ANY wrestling shows.

I beg the world to be as safe as possible in this extremely scary time.

Let’s join together like never before.

We can get through this.

My family… my animals… myself is more important than fake fighting in our underwear.

I’m sorry.

I’m not going to show until this in contained.

I hope everyone does the same.

The world.

Our loves.

Is not worth it.

It might be a while until to coronavirus is contained at this point. A lot of things went wrong before they started doing anything right. Now the globe is faced with a pandemic.

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Written by Felix Upton

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