Tyler Breeze Reacts To Fans Saying He Should Be Unhappy In WWE

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WWE pays their Superstars very well, especially if someone has been with the company for a decade.

Tyler Breeze recently spoke out about his status in WWE. He considers himself lucky. He owns a wrestling school. He’s been in WWE for ten years and he owns four houses. He could retire today, but for some reason fans want to consider Prince Pretty’s life “pathetic.”

10 years… in the WWE….you’re gonna say that’s a bad thing… I’m 32… i could retire today…. I own 4 houses….I own a wrestling school to teach people how to wrestle, why?, because I’m really good…. any other reasons I should be sad about my pathetic life

One fan fired back at Tyler Breeze by saying: “Most WWE wrestler don’t care about their career but a paycheck, when you make it that high you don’t care about that stuff, it’s a fake sport acting, but mostly feeding your family and making big money can’t blame them but then again aew is giving big money with the nice career”

Breeze had a very direct response to this statement. He made it very clear that a WWE Superstar’s goal is to have a career. Creating a sustainable income flow is how someone is able to support their family.

What an asinine statement. “Most WWE wrestlers don’t care about their career” haha wrestling is a job. The point of a job is to create a life for yourself and your family. And when you do it’s a bad thing?

Tyler Breeze might not be in the main event of huge pag-per-views. That doesn’t seem to bother him much when he considers everything that is going great in his life at his age.

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