Many WWE fans remember Jimmy and Jey Usos first appearing on their television screens while doing a traditional Samoan war dance. It was a hallmark of their character for a while and complimented the face paint the twins wore as well. It took Vince McMahon a long time to come around to that entrance.

During The New Day: Feel The Power, The Usos discussed their dancing entrance. They pitched the idea to Vince McMahon and then everyone seemingly forgot about it. Then a year later, McMahon wanted to see what they were talking about as Jimmy Uso revealed.

“We pitched it like a year prior, dog. And we completely forgot about pitching the war dance. Do you know what I’m saying? And then, Billy Kidman, out of nowhere, remember? ‘Hey uce, you’re about to do the dance because Vince wants to see what y’all are talking about.’ And I was like, ‘what the hell is he talking about? What dance is he talking about?’ ‘Didn’t you pitch a dance or something?’ ‘Are you talking about a year ago?’ ‘Yeah, he wants to see that.'”

Vince McMahon wants to do things his way. His timing has a lot to do with it as well. Perhaps we’ll see the Usos make a return to their former Samoan chant gimmick. For not they seem happy welcoming people to the Uso Penitentiary.


Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

Felix Upton

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