WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

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Charly Caruso interviews Natalya backstage and asks how Beth Phoenix is doing. Nattie says Beth is one of the strongest people she’s ever known, so she’ll get through it just fine. But she can’t say the same about Randy when Edge gets his hands on him on Monday. As for the Chamber, she’s going to unleash her legacy tonight.

No Disqualification

Aleister Black Vs. AJ Styles W/Gallows & Anderson

The bell rings and AJ goes to the ropes to force Black back. They tie-up and Black takes a headlock but AJ breaks free and they continue the feeling-out process. Black swings for a head kick but AJ ducks it. They come together again and this time Black connects with a kick to the chest, followed by some rapid punches in the corner. Black drops AJ with a kick to the back of the leg, then stomps his leg.

Anderson distracts Black, allowing AJ to hit a chop block. Styles hits a running shoulder to Black’s leg in the corner, then kicks it repeatedly. AJ focuses his attack on the leg, trying to remove Black Mass from his arsenal. AJ leaves the ring and grabs a Kendo stick, which he uses to attack the leg of Black. He hits a few times, but Black then dodges a swing a kicks him with his good leg. Black grabs the Kendo stick but AJ dropkicks him and he tumbles to the outside.

Styles leaps over the ropes onto Black, but Aleister knees him in mid-air! Black then grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up at ringside. AJ surprises Black with a chair shot to the leg, then one to the back. AJ puts Black in the ring, then wedges the chair between the ropes in the corner. Styles slows the pace and beats Aleister around the ring with kicks and punches. Black fires back with a right hand, then a knee, elbow, kick, and a running knee.

Styles catches Black in the Calf Crusher but Black grabs the Kendo stick to crush AJ’s face against the mat and break free. Black hits AJ in the leg with the Kendo, then the back a few times, and one to the chest. Styles ducks a swing and hits a Pele kick and both men are down. Styles lifts Black for a powerbomb but the Dutchman counters. AJ is sent to the apron and he hits a Phenomenal Forearm to a seated Black. AJ then hits a brainbuster for a near-fall.

Styles goes up top but Black runs up and cracks him with a knee. AJ gets hit with a series of kicks, then Black hits a springboard moonsault for a two-count. Black with a snap German suplex for another two-count and he’s getting frustrated. Black drops AJ with a kick to the chest, then attempts another but gets lifted and hit with Ushigoroshi. Black attempted another springboard moonsault but Styles caught him in the Tombstone position and slit his throat but Black countered with a roll-up for a near-fall. Black then hits AJ with a teep that sends him into the chair wedged in the corner!

Styles rolls to the outside and Aleister kicks him against the announce table, near the table Black set-up earlier. AJ avoids a kick and Black hit the table, then AJ runs and tackles Aleister over the table. AJ clears everything off the announce desk and pulls Black up onto it and wants to suplex him off through the wooden table. Black kicks the feet of AJ and he bounces off the table. AJ gets to his feet by the wooden table, and Black leaps onto him with a meteora through it!

Black’s leg is hurting but he gets AJ back in the ring. Black gets in the ring and slowly lifts AJs with his boot but Gallows and Anderson run in, only to both get dropped with kicks. Black gets surrounded and beat down by all three members of The O.C. Gallows and Anderson hit Magic Killer to Black, then AJ goes to the apron and prepares for the Phenomenal Forearm but the lights go out and we hear an old familiar dong.

The lights come up and The Undertaker has both Gallows and Anderson by the throat! AJ jumps at him but gets grabbed and Chokeslammed! The lights go back out and ‘Taker is gone. Black slowly climbs to his feet, as does AJ, and Aleister hits Black Mass for the win!

Winner: Aleister Black

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