Sunil Singh and his wife celebrated the birth of their son Gurveer Singh Sihra on December 13th. The Singh Brother wanted to share something very special, but it was taken the wrong way by at least one fan.

Sunil tweeted out a picture of his baby with a Kara around his wrist. He then explained how much this symbol means to his culture.

It’s a beautiful sight to see my son wear a Gold ‘Kara’.

In Sikhism, a Kara is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God.


It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of God.

One vocal critic of Sunil Singh fired back a reply to this touching tweet. The detracting fan said: “You are so focused about Sikh religious customs. But you trimmed your hair for wrestling entertainment and people like you went to Canada and america give lectures to others on Sikhism. Iron died a thousand times whenever these thing happen.”

Sunil didn’t let this reply sit unanswered for long. He was able to figure out a well-crafted response to this negativity.

“People like us?”

“Entertainment business” aside, “People like us” are proud to represent our culture/religion throughout the world. We get so much love for it.

Our parents immigrated from India to Canada, and their sons are living the dream in America.

We win.

Sit down.

Perhaps this will teach certain fans to keep negative opinions to themselves. There will always be trolls out there in the IWC, but at least Sunil Singh knows how to defend himself.

Felix Upton

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