Jim Ross On Communicating With CM Punk

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CM Punk can be a controversial individual. He has the ability of rubbing some people the wrong way. Jim Ross was always able to communicate with CM Punk.

When recently asked about CM Punk during the Grilling JR podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer spoke fondly about his time dealing with the Second City Savior.

“I never had a cross word with him. Never. I’ve always respected him, I still do. And it’s a matter again Conrad, it’s just like life. It’s like you and your mortgage company. You can’t close mortgages if you can’t communicate. If your team can’t communicate, Conrad and family are screwed. They’ve got to be able to communicate, and I always felt like if I could listen to a guy long enough to feel his good things and bad things, his likes and don’t likes, than I could communicate with him. And that’s what I did with Phil.”

CM Punk shutting off so many people in the pro wrestling business might have been an issue. Jim Ross will always respect CM Punk, but it would certainly make it easier for him to come into WWE if he hadn’t cut so many people off.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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