Paige Reacts After Fan Chews Her Out For Insulting Gypsies

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Paige has a lot of fans and apparently, she rubbed one of them the wrong way recently.

Click here Paige’s medial update after needing emergency surgery.

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion posted a screenshot of a conversation to her Instagram story. This fan was really upset about Paige using the word “gypsy.”

Paige provided a caption to this screenshot as she said: “Just a white girl trying to sound Bohemian. BTW she reached out and said I’m not allowed to use the word Gypsy. Without knowing me.”

You can read the one-sided conversation below. This person seemed really angry at Paige and called her out for trying to sound Bohemian.

It’s unfortunate that Paige apparently insulted this person. Paige has probably been called worse by fans before so she’ll be okay.

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