The Undertaker Is NOT Happy After WWE Fixes Their Snub Of Michelle McCool

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WWE celebrated Women’s History Month, but they left someone out. Michelle McCool was quick to remind WWE that she was snubbed from the list.

Michelle McCool wanted to make doubly sure that people knew she wasn’t taking a shot at anyone who made the list. She just thought that people needed to realize that she’s more than just The Undertaker’s wife.

WWE has now updated their list. The company put out a tweet to let fans know that the list has been updated so they should check it out. They have now added “trailblazers like Michelle McCool and Bull Nakano.”

The Undertaker saw this tweet and replied back saying: “Too little too late… unbelievable!!”

The Dead Man doesn’t seem happy at all about WWE snubbing his wife. It’s times like these when WWE probably wishes The Undertaker wasn’t on Twitter.

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