Jeff Hardy On Matt Hardy’s WWE Exit

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Jeff Hardy is ready for his return to WWE just as Matt Hardy’s contract expired.

While appearing on WWE Backstage, Jeff Hardy was asked about his brother Matt’s situation. Matt Hardy left WWE as his contract expired, but Jeff Hardy hasn’t spoken to him about it.

“I haven’t spoke to him hardly at all about that so I don’t know what his plans are, but you know we’ve been wrestling for a long time and even if we’re in different wrestling worlds it’s still cool that the Hardy Boyz can go their separate ways and do their own thing.”

Jeff said the weirdest thing is that in Matt’s early 20’s he had a lot of surgeries whereas Jeff was considered “invincible.” Now that they’re in their 40’s Jeff is the one who is having the injuries because he’s not invincible anymore. Matt Hardy is still at the top of his game and continuing apart from WWE.

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