Tony Khan Not Talking About Matt Hardy’s AEW Status

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Matt Hardy’s WWE contract is up unless he re-signed in the past twelve hours. We’ll just have to see what’s up very soon. He might show up on AEW television too.

There is nothing stopping Matt Hardy from appearing where ever he likes if his contract runs out. There is no non-compete clause if the time simply expires. During the AEW Revolution media scrum, Tony Khan was asked about the Dark Order’s situation and where Hardy falls into things.

Khan has plans for the Dark Order to be a supreme evil corporation. They might not be the biggest evil organization in pro wrestling, but they’ll certainly be up there. Where Matt Hardy might come into play is another matter entirely that TK wasn’t talking about.

“You’re going to see that the Dark Order is a real premier evil corporation,” Khan said. “It’s one of the big evil corporations, it’s not the only evil corporation, but it’s definitely going to be a very powerful one.”

“I can’t comment on what [Matt Hardy’s] doing. He’s great, but I can’t comment on that.”

Matt Hardy might have a lot of options that fans don’t know about. The obvious choices were to stay with WWE or jump to AEW. The last we heard he didn’t sign a new contract with WWE even after they made several contract attempts.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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