Goldberg Making Plans For Retirement Match

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Goldberg is performing in Saudi Arabia at Super ShowDown. He is slated to take on The Fiend for the WWE Universal Title, but he might already see an end for his career in sight.

He is already a WWE Hall Of Famer and coming back for big payday matches as a special attraction. He is also expected to be at WrestleMania this year although no match has been booked.

Goldberg is Jewish and he wants to end his career in a place that means a lot to him. While speaking to Total Slam Podcast Goldberg said that he wants to have his final match in Israel. He is considering it as his “retirement match,” but he didn’t note who would be promoting the contest.

“I’m considering my retirement match in Israel. As a matter of fact, my agent and I talked about that a minute ago and that’s a big topic of conversation right now, so its something we’re going to consider.”

WWE doesn’t travel to Israel for events so it’s very possible that Goldberg’s final match might take place in another way. It will be interesting to see what they are able to work out, but it sounds like Goldberg’s days in the ring might be coming to an end again soon enough.

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