Booker T comes from the time when he was given a subject to speak about, and then he was sent out to deliver a promo. He would like to see a return to that day.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Booker T discussed written promos. He said that it takes away from originality when someone is just given a promo to recite word for word.

He obviously realizes how things are in WWE, but he had no problem talking about all the work that he used to put into promos that Superstars don’t have to worry about now.

“I think it takes away from the originality of the guy being against the wall and having to go out there and get over. A guy that you know will have to think about it as opposed to when you have someone writing it for you you’re not gonna take the time like I did to go and look in the mirror and cut a promo on yourself. You’re not gonna do that. You’re not gonna look in the mirror just to see your top lip move just to see how angry you can make yourself look. It’s the small little bitty things. You’re not gonna take the time to hone your craft because you’ve got someone handing it to you.”

He did say that Superstars can be driven enough to make it work for them. It is rare that a Superstar will be given much leeway in promos although some are starting to get a little bit of slack. If you ask Booker T the Superstars aren’t honing their craft to the potential that they could.

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