Eric Bischoff Says Dave Meltzer Is ‘More Like Herpes’

Pro wrestling is full of many different types of people. The act of keeping up with pro wrestling news is sometimes more entertaining than the news itself. This is especially true when there’s plenty of shade to throw around.

King Corbin recently said that Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer is “cancer.” That’s a pretty bold statement to make. Eric Bischoff heard with the 2019 King Of The Ring winner said and he had to comment.

Cancer is a bit strong of a description for Eric Bischoff’s liking. Then he proposed a different disease to compare Meltzer to.

Cancer is too strong of a word. He’s not that much of a threat. More like herpes.

Bischoff and Meltzer have had many disagreements throughout the years. So, it makes sense that Eric Bischoff would see Meltzer as a pesky virus that never really goes away.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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