AEW Dynamite Results – February 19, 2020

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for AEW Dynamite, just two weeks from the next big PPV event.

Tonight is set to be a rather monumental episode of Dynamite, with Cody facing Wardlow in a steel cage. This is one of the prerequisite demands that MJF has for facing Cody at the PPV. In Wardlow’s first televised match, Cody must defeat him in AEW’s first cage match. Suffice to say there’s a lot riding on this one.

However that isn’t the only marquee match tonight, as Hangman Page and Kenny Omega put their tag titles on the line against The Lucha Bros. Why this match is happening is beyond me, seeing as Pentagon and Fenix haven’t won a match in 2020 and AEW’s rankings are supposed to mean something. Regardless, we can expect another fast-paced spot fest and the Champions seem destined to retain.

The only other announced matches tonight will see Jon Moxley face Jeff Cobb, as well as a Tag Team Battle Royale to determine the number one contenders. And that’s the preview. Let us know what you’re excited to see and follow along here, as well as on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!

AEW Dynamite

The huge multi-tag battle royale to determine the number one contenders kicks off the show.

Tag Team Battle Royale

The match begins with all the teams on the outside of the ring, then they all slide in and start brawling. The first noteworthy event of the match comes when Scorpio Sky of SCU comes off the top rope and knocks everyone down – literally everyone.

Jack Evans of Hybrid2 goes to the top and he hits a twisting moonsault but gets caught by everyone and thrown out. Evans is out by Angelico is still in the match, so TheHybrid2 are still in contention. Isiah Kassidy and Mark Quen team to hit Silly String. SCU hit The Blade with a double team move, then Angelico as well. Alex Reynolds and Mark Silver attack SCU but the former Champions take them down with lariats.

The Dark Order appear in the crowd and taunt Sky and Kazarian, saying the Exalted One is near. The distraction allows Silver and Reynolds to tip them over and out! The Young Bucks then superkick Reynolds and Silver from the match. On the outside, Scorpio Sky hits a dive over the barricade onto The Dark Order.

Santana and Ortiz enter the match late on and try to eliminate Jurassic Express to no avail. Luchasauras and Jungle Boy take Isiah Kassidy’s head off with a headkick/German suplex combo. Santana and Ortiz team to beat on Nick Jackson but he fires back and takes out almost everyone with kicks and knees…until The Butcher throws him up and over.

The Butcher focuses on Matt Jackson and whips both Kassidy and Quen into him in the corner, before throwing Jungle Boy onto them. The Butcher comes face-to-face with Luchasauras and they trade shots to the cheers and boos of the fans until the dino hits a spinning heel kick and The Butcher connects with a lariat and both men are down. Santana and Ortiz eliminate Quen and Kassidy together, then Luchasauras sends Angelico from the match.

Sammy Guevara appears at ringside and works with Santana and Ortiz to eliminate Jungle Boy, then most of the men in the match team to send Luchasauras out as well. Best Friends and The Butcher/The Blade fight out of the ring. Best Friends get back inside and hit Soul Food on Santana and Ortiz. Just as they’re about to hug, The Butcher and The Blade throw them out…but Trent landed on the shoulders of Orange Cassidy and he helps him back into the ring.

Matt Jackson sends The Blade over but he hangs on, so Matt teams with Trent to dropkick him out. We’re down to five men and four teams – the only team left whole is Santana and Ortiz. Matt and Trent work together to take out the heels, then they hug! The Butcher had enough however, and he drops them both with a double lariat.

Butcher sends Trent over the ropes but he lands on the apron. Trent tries to pull Butcher over the ropes and the two of them trade chops on the apron, while Cassidy watches below. The Bunny comes over to Cassidy and kicks him in the crotch, then Butcher drops Trent to the floor. Matt Jackson then spears The Butcher off the apron and he fell to the floor but he went through the middle rope.

Matt gets back in the ring and goes toe-to-toe with Santana and Ortiz. He hits rolling Northern Lights Suplex to them both and gets Santana on the apron. Sammy Guevara pulls Matt’s leg to stop him from hitting Santana, then they hit the Street Sweeper on Jackson. They toss him over the ropes but he lands on the apron and rolls back in. Matt tosses Santana onto the apron, then superkicks him off. Guevara comes off the apron but he gets superkicked too, then Matt clotheslines Ortiz over and out!

Winners: The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are going to AEW Revolution! THey will face either Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, or The Lucha Bros., depending on who wins that title match tonight.

*Commercial Break*

We see Wardlow warming-up backstage with MJF. Next we see Cody arriving with Brandi and Pharoh.

Kris Statlander Vs. Shanna

The match gets underway and they lock-up as JR asks for an explanation on Kris Statlander. Shanna, who is dressed like Goku, takes a wristlock but Statlander reverses. Statlander cartwheels out of a hold, then continues cartwheeling around the ring before hitting Shanna with a headscissors.

Kris forces Shanna tot he corner and pokes her on the forehead, then Shanna does the same to her. They literally exchange head pokes for a good thirty seconds. Statlander drops Shanna with a European uppercut and a kick to the head and scores a two-count. Shanna catches Statlander with a kitchen sink.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Statlander hits Shanna with a European uppercut in the corner, followed by a running knee. Sit-out powerbomb from Statlander for a near-fall. Statlander drags Shanna to the corner but gets kicked into the tree of woe. Shanna heads up top and connects with a double stomp for a near-fall.

Shanna looks for a double-underhook facebuster but Statlander gets out, only to get hit with a DDT for a near-fall. Shanna hits a basement dropkick to Kris lying on the bottom rope. Statlander counters Shanna and hits The Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

We get a video package highlighting Nyla Rose’s win over Riho last week, crowning her AEW Women’s Champion. Rose will be out to talk next.

*Commercial Break*

Tony Schiavone is on the ramp and he introduces the AEW Women’s Champion, Nyla Rose. Tony congratulates her and Nyla isn’t happy with how the fans greeter her. She says the fans are just annoying bees buzzing around. She holds up the belt and says this is justice. She says she should be the highest-paid women, and she should be on the graphics. But that just made her hungry, and when she’s hungry she breaks bitches. Tony mentions Riho but Nyla says she means nothing, that she represents power. And the fans can keep buzzing but shes queen bee in this hive. And nobody stacks up to a beast like her. Kris Statlander walks out and pokes the Women’s Championship. Big Swole then comes out as well and get’s in Nyla’s face. Officials come out and separate them.

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