Kofi Kingston had quite a hill to climb on his way to KofiMania. The Gauntlet Match that he needed to compete in before the Elimination Chamber included a spot that he considers the most painful of his entire career.

During The New Day: Feel The Power, Kingston revealed that he almost cried when Erick Rowan waffled him with a steel chair during that famous Gauntlet Match. He was able to hold it in, but there was a moment when he almost let the tears flow.

“Actually, this is the most pain I’ve ever felt in a wrestling match so, bro… I almost cried on television because Rowan hit me so hard in the back with a steel chair. For people who go: ‘Oh those chairs they’re not real chairs, is they?!’ Oh, they real!”

“Rowan hit me so hard and immediately my eyes started welling up with tears like I’m about to cry. I’m like it’s probably like, ‘You know what it’ll be okay if I cry because it really, really hurt and they’ll understand.’ I mean they gotta understand because it hurt so badly. I was like, maybe not. Maybe it’s not the best idea. Maybe I’ll hold these ones in.”


“Honestly, if I let myself go I would have been boo-hooing in front of a million people in the middle of the match.”

The steel chairs that WWE Superstars use as weapons are very real. They’re not performing unprotected head shots anymore, but shots to the back still hurt a lot.

John Cena once described getting hit over the back with a steel chair like being stung by 1,000 bees at once. That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. It’s no wonder Kofi Kingston almost cried when the former Bludgeon Brother destroyed him with furniture.

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