WWE Still Trying To Buy Indie Wrestling Content

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WWE is spending a lot of money right now. They are using millions of dollars to secure talent and content rights at the same time. This tactic was one of the reasons why WWE axed their Presidents when they disagreed.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE hasn’t stopped trying to acquire the rights to other companies’ tape libraries. This is nothing new, but it also shows that they have seemingly not strayed from their plan to own footage for an eventual premium WWE Network tier.

WWE has been making overtures to some U.S. indie companies regarding tape libraries for new network content. This isn’t new and was part of the premium tier idea, but with the new idea, nobody knows what that means for the tiers idea

WWE has a lot of Superstars on their current roster who performed all over the world for years before coming to the company. Perhaps they want to make sure that they own all of their current Superstars’ previous footage. WWE definitely seems to have plans as they continue adding to their enormous collection of pro wrestling property.

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