WWE NXT Superstars Forced To Improvise Match Due To Timing Issue

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WWE has a backstage area full of professionals who have dealt with many interesting situations, especially in a live television environment. WWE NXT ran into a bit of a timing issue recently that they needed to figure out in the ring.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that the Jordan Devlin vs Tyler Breeze match on NXT’s February 5th episode needed to stall for time. This was the reason why they did so many rest holds. It was noted that they needed to fill more time so the two had to improvise.

The reason the match on the 2/5 NXT show with Jordan Devlin and Tyler Breeze seemed long is because it was long. They were evidently running short (usually it’s the opposite) and the two had the lengthen their match.

It is interesting that they were given more time for their match. Often times the company runs out of time so they need to speed things up.

A lot of fans noticed that the Devlin vs Breeze match seemed to slow down in the middle of it and this is the reason why. It was simply a timing issue. Thankfully, they had two professionals in the ring who could figure it out.

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