WWE has made some very interesting decisions in the past few years. Recently fans thought that the company was going to cut gender specific titles from their championship gold.

During the NXT TakeOver: Portland media call, Triple H addressed the rumors that NXT was taking the “women” out of their title’s name. He said this was all blown out of proportion and it was never a larger company plan.

“There were conversations that were had. It was basically about not having to beat it into the ground when you say it, but it just got run with. When you have that many people working on a product and something gets taken the wrong way everyone when trying to do their jobs misread it.”

“It was never an edict, it was never anything than what it was. It was when you’re showing a graphic you don’t have to say title belt says women’s the announcers say women’s the graphic says women’s — everybody you get it, there’s pictures of women there you get what it is. You don’t have to beat it into the ground. It was more that. It just got run with and speculated on. You know it is what it is.”


NXT will continue having a Women’s Champion and referring to that title as such. It’s interesting how what Triple H says was a simple direction ended up reported as a new company vision for the entire women’s division..

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