WWE has several couples on the roster. Bianca Belair and the Street Profits’ Montez Ford are married and making it work on separate brands. Belair recently surprised her husband on WWE The Bump where their relationship took center stage.

Kayla Braxton asked Belair if they dedicate a time in their home life to not talk about wrestling. The EST Of NXT replied saying that’s impossible. Not only is pro wrestling such a huge part of their lives, but they are constantly talking about something.

“We don’t really set rules or boundaries. We just live life. You know when he was in NXT we were working together every day we were traveling together we were living together. So wrestling is just a part of our life so to say when we get home we can’t talk about wrestling it’s just so much a part of our life it’s impossible.”

“But, we sure we spend quality time with each other. We have our Sunday rituals where we always go to a special restaurant. We just spend quality time and we talk all the time. Our favorite thing to do together is go to the gym, but we’ll be sitting at home and say, ‘you want to go to the gym?’ It’ll take us an hour to get out of the house and we’ll talk on the way to the gym and we’ll sit in the gym and talk for another hour in the parking lot. So it takes us about three hours to get to the gym, but we talk all the time. That’s my homie.”


Braxton brought up how sad Montez Ford always was when Bianca Belair wasn’t with him on tour in NXT. Belair said they FaceTime constantly when Ford is on the road with RAW. Even if they only say two words to each other they’ll FaceTime for hours.

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