The Rock & Oprah Agree To Be ‘Running Mates’ In New Super Bowl Commercial

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The Rock has a lot on his plate. Some people think he should be president. We are staying out of the political conversation here at Ringside News.

During a Super Bowl LIV commercial, The Rock and Oprah are seen running on treadmills. Dwayne Johnson then proposes that they become “running mates” in 2020. She’s in.

They’re talking about Weight Watchers. We can’t imagine Dwayne Johnson needing Weight Watchers, but it’s a commercial that met his price tag.

Here’s our #SuperBowl spot with my trainer @Oprah!

Choose your #RUNNINGMATES wisely when you’re about to take on the world with a smile and be the hardest workers in the room. Tag your WELLNESS partner and hashtag

You can check out the new commercial below to see those two media juggernauts having a little fun by playing with words a little bit.

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