Liv Morgan’s demolition of Lana on Monday Night RAW seemed to highlight one thing: WWE is ready to run with Liv as a real player in the women’s division, but with Lana, they aren’t really sure what to do with her beyond keeping her in a valet role.

That isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world for her, as we all know she tends to thrive in that sort of role – especially if they keep pushing her alongside Bobby Lashley, who legitimately has the potential to do some big things in the main event scene.

For now, though, it’s all about licking her wounds and reflecting on what could well serve as the definitive end to her feud with Morgan.

One thing this tweet seems to imply is that she isn’t all too interested in saying goodbye to in-ring action for good.


That isn’t a bad thing as she could easily keep working hard and make some real improvements, but the safe option would certainly be to stick with the valet role.

Lana has been at the very top of WWE and she has definitely been towards the very bottom, and we’d say she finds herself somewhere in the middle right now.

If she’s flying under the radar then that could only be a good thing, but if she’s still in the line of vision for the higher-ups behind the scenes, she can’t afford to put a foot wrong – which is something she’s done a couple of times over the last few years.

Harry Kettle

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