Brock Lesnar is a one of a kind athlete. There is a reason why he gets the contract that he does from WWE. Drew McIntyre knows that people have a problem with Lesnar’s part-time status, but he has a bigger issue with the fact that The Beast Incarnate is WWE Champion.

While speaking to WWE The Bump, Drew McIntyre discussed his WrestleMania opponent. He said that if he doesn’t win his fans will riot. That might not be an exaggeration.

He also discussed how big of an opponent Brock Lesnar. Everything the WWE Champion has accomplished certainly sets him apart from the pack.

“You talk about all he’s achieved in this business and the big opponents he’s had at Mania — I could name some names and obviously one of them is The Undertaker. Imagine facing The Undertaker… Brock Lesnar is the guy who beat The Undertaker and ended the streak.”


Drew McIntyre went on to say that “there’s nobody like him.” Then he went on to talk about the problem fans have with Lesnar’s part-time status. McIntyre said that he doesn’t have a problem with that. Nobody forced WWE to offer that contract or for Lesnar to sign it. The Beast Incarnate is simply fulfilling his part of the contract.

Drew McIntyre has a problem with the fact that Brock Lesnar is their champion in the first place.

“The problem I have is that he has our title and and I’ve been on all the TVs. All the live events. We need that title on there and someone has to take him down. 99% of the time he can beat 99% of the guys when he comes back without even trying.”

“I know when I looked in his eyes when I was laying on the floor and he’s looking down at me. He’s thinking, ‘This guys’ different.’ I could see it in his eyes that I’m just as big. I’m just as fast. I’ve got experience. I’ve been around for a long time and I see areas in his game I would capitalize on and the guys he’s faced and when you use that size and power he better get training before Mania because I’ve been training every single week for 19 years for this moment.”

WrestleMania 36 could see the crowning of Drew McIntyre as a solid main even player for the remainder of his career. A huge WrestleMania moment could be followed by the WWE Champion actually making house shows as well.

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