WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

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The next WWE PPV will be Super Showdown from Saudi Arabia. So no Elimination Chamber?

Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Becky Lynch Vs. Asuka W/Kairi Sane

The match begins with a feeling-out process of reversals and holds. Lynch hits a shoulder tackle and Asuka rolls to the floor. Becky tries to baseball slide Asuka but gets caught and kicked. Asuka gets back in the ring and tries to hip attack Lynch but misses and Becky applies an armbar over the ropes. Becky hits a dropkick fro the top rope for a two-count.

Becky tosses Asuka to the apron but the Empress stunners Becky on the middle rope. Asuka kicks Becky in the face a few times but Lynch fires back with forearms. Asuka comes back with a dropkick from the middle rope and scores a two-count. Becky counters Asuka with double knees to the back, then hits a bulldog and a running dropkick.

They fight onto the apron and Asuka looks to German suplex off to the floor, but Lynch holds the ropes. Becky hits Asuka with a front-suplex from the apron to the floor! Becky goes after Asuka and sends her into the barricade, then back into the ring. Lynch hits a leg drop from the middle rope for a near-fall.

Asuka catches Becky with a backslide for two, then hits a knee to the face. Asuka unloads a series of strikes and hits a sit-out slam, the name of which I can’t remember. Becky rolls to the apron and Asuka goes after. They brawl until Asuka hits her with a hip attack into the ring post. Asuka runs Becky along the apron into the buckles.

Asuka pulls Becky up by the corner but Lynch hangs her up on the ropes, kicks her head, then hits a Rock Bottom from the middle rope for a near-fall. Becky went to the middle rope and jumped at Asuka but got caught with a facebreaker. Asuka applies an armbar to Becky but Lynch turns it over to attempt a pin. Asuka kicks out and applies the Asuka Lock but Becky gets a foot on the bottom rope.

Asuka delivers a series of kicks to Becky’s head and the referee stops Asuka to check on Lynch. He is about to tell the referee to stop it when Becky grabs his leg and makes him stop. Asuka kicks Becky over and over and scores a near-fall. Asuka attempts the Asuka Lock but Becky counters and tries to set-up the Dis-Arm-Her but can’t get it, so she hits a reverse DDT for a two-count.

Becky and Asuka climb to their feet at the same time and Asuka shoves Becky into the referee. She looks to hit the poison mist but Becky kicks her in the gut and she spews it up into the air. Becky then applies the Dis-Arm-Her and Asuka taps.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Becky holds her title up and stares at Asuka after the match. The Empress is covered in green mist that she hit herself with.

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