Edge said that he’s not coming back for the Royal Rumble. We don’t believe him. A lot of fans don’t believe him, but there could always be the chance that it’s all just wishful thinking.

Mike Johnson discussed Edge’s situation at length during PW Insider Elite audio. He doesn’t believe Edge either.

The word going around is that Edge could be used as a special attraction. They might try to deny it, but Johnson has a very strong feeling that we will see the Rated R Superstar return to the ring.

There have been several signs that point to Edge’s return. This includes signing a new deal.

“I believe he is returning to the ring he has actually signed a contract with the company. He actually signed that new contract after a little flirtation with All Elite Wrestling and we have heard that there is a pretty high upside and we’ve been told that there is a pretty high upside to people that we’ve spoken to wrestlers or otherwise in WWE say that Adam Copeland will return to the ring this year as a special attraction and he will be competing for WWE.”

“The Royal Rumble makes the most sense for him to return and make a big splash headed into WrestleMania season even if he’s gonna be a major attraction at the February 27th Saudi Arabia show.”

“I’ve asked around and no one has told me that they have heard of Adam Copeland going to the Rumble. I stand by what I have previously stated that I believe we will see him on WWE programming and I’m gonna leave it at that.”

Edge was spotted in Pittsburgh on WWE business. Edge said he hasn’t been in Pittsburgh since 2013.

Adam Copeland could be maintaining the code of denial which is common practice before a WWE return. We’ll know on Sunday.

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