WrestleMania is the showcase of the immortals and regardless of how much people try to big up events like Wrestle Kingdom, here is simply no bigger show in the world of professional wrestling than Mania.

Every single year thousands upon thousands of fans descend on the host city in order to have, what could be, a once in a lifetime experience. Over the years that has taken on many different forms, but one idea that has been floated around quite a bit recently is for WWE to turn WrestleMania into a two-day showcase.

One person who seems to be largely in favor of that is none other than Corey Graves.

WrestleMania week as a whole is already a pretty long experience, whereas the show itself on the Sunday feels like it drags on forever – with Graves even joking about it being “31 hours” long.

While WWE’s roster may be at a stage where it’s difficult not to throw just about everyone onto the card for the sake of it, we tend to believe that Mania should be reserved for the elite of the elite, regardless of how many championship bouts you want to throw on there for the sake of it.

If WWE had a pre-show that lasted for one hour and then the main card went on for three & and a half, we think that’d be a pretty suitable length for a show of this nature. Some people are going to miss out on the payday, but if you make the battle royals a much bigger deal, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

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