Kane performed under the gimmick Isaac Yankem DDS, an evil dentist before putting on the famous Big Red Machine mask. The Undertaker had a chance to work with Yankem and something he told his future kayfabe brother changed his career forever.

During the Broken Skull Sessions, Steve Austin mentioned a “come to Jesus” moment that Undertaker had with Kane. The Mayor of Knox County Tennessee went on to reveal that The Phenom told him that if wanted to stick around in WWE then he needed to start bringing it in the ring.

“I had a match against Taker as Isaac Yankem and he said ‘dude if you want to stay here you’re gonna have to be a lot more aggressive. He’s like — it was an awful match, I remember that. That was when I was at my lowest and it helped me a lot to know this guy’s invested enough to talk to me about this.”

“He also realized I think that we could do business together if I could get my act together, but I think we had that talk and that was probably a turning point too. When I realized what was expected of me. I wasn’t just there because I happened to be there.”

The Undertaker and Kane ended up doing a lot of business together, but it didn’t involve an evil dentist character. It’s a good thing that The Dead Man had the foresight to know that if Kane could just tweak things in the ring it might take him to that next level.

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