Steve Austin does not wrestle anymore. Although he seemed to tease another match recently that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. He’s suffered too many injuries and the “stack of dimes” that he calls his neck has been through enough abuse.

While speaking to Bleacher Report, Steve Austin admitted how hard it was to walk away from the ring. Now he sees Superstars performing in their prime beyond his retirement age. Austin is 55 years old, but he can’t help but wonder how many angles he passed up by retiring when he did.

“They always ask me, ‘Do you miss it?’ No, man, because it’s been so long now that … I mean, I have to be over it now. But, there is a small part of me, even though I don’t live in the past, that says, ‘Man, when you’re 38 years old, man, in wrestling, you’re really in your prime.'”

“All of the learning that I’d done, working angles, talking promos, psychology with the crowd. You’re really honed up at that age. And so to walk away from the table at seemingly a prime-time age was very, very tough for me to do, at many levels.”


Steve Austin is still very much a part of the WWE Universe and that will hopefully never change. His in-ring career might be over, but The Rattlesnake left an amazing legacy even if he wonders what else he could have accomplished.

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