WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – January 10th, 2020

Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. Please keep refreshing throughout the show for constant updates once it kicks off at 8:00 PM EST.

Tonight’s SmackDown should be a good show and John Morrison might be a big reason to tune in. The Guru Of Greatness will be a guest on Miz TV this week.

Lacey Evans will face Sasha Banks in singles action. The Boss involved The Lady Of WWE’s daughter and she’s not happy.

Also, The Usos will return to action after five months away. They will take on King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler in tag team action. You can check out the bullet point list below.

  • The Usos return to in-ring competition this Friday on SmackDown against King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler
  • Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks to finally square off one-on-one this Friday Night
  • John Morrison to appear on “Miz TV” this Friday night on SmackDown

Opening Segment – Miz TV

The crowd was behind Miz in the beginning. Miz addressed people saying that he’s changed. He said he was having a bad day. So he might not be a heel again?

He apologized to Kofi Kingston for last week and he walked everyone through what The Fiend has put him through. He said it’s been a bad month, but there’s been one bright spot.

He introduced John Morrison after saying that he considers him like a brother. Then Morrison came out in street clothes, but he got pyro in his entrance.

Miz and Morrison hugged and then The Miz showed a sizzle reel for The Guru Of Greatness.

Miz welcomed The Friday Night Delight back. Morrison didn’t know what to say. He revealed they were going to debut him at Royal Rumble, but then he decided to be there for The Miz.

Morrison then said he’s disappointed in the fans. He said Miz has worked harder for 15 years than anyone else on the roster. Nobody thought he could be a WWE Superstar and he became a champion. Still, The Miz is his own father’s 5th favorite wrestler.

John Morrison started asking the fans if they know what it’s like to get in the ring. He called one fan “a turd cutter.”

The New Day came out next. Kofi asked Miz who he’s trying to fool? He wanted to know if they’re trying to blame the WWE Universe for turning their backs on them.

Big E said Miz is an awful actor and couldn’t even be the back end of the human centipede.

Miz said he respects Kofi’s 6-month title reign and the 6 seconds it took to lose it. Kofi said it was 8 seconds and The Miz is changing from Cool Miz to Obnoxious Annoying Miz. That means the crowd is 100% correct when they say you suck.

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

Morrison and Big E sat in on commentary and bantered throughout this match.

Kofi & Miz continued a back and forth match until The Miz nailed a knee to the stomach for a two count. Then The Miz latched on a headlock to slow Kofi down.

Kingston returned fire off the ropes with a back elbow and then he faked a dive on The Miz before clotheslining him back outside and hitting a suicide dive.

The Miz pushed Kofi into Big E and they had a stand-off as the show went to commercial.

When we came back Kofi was hitting a suplex on Miz and then he took him down with two chops, a dropkick, and a boom drop.

Kofi hyped the crowd, but Miz revered a Trouble In Paradise into a kneebreaker. Kofi hit a crossbody off the top and then Miz nailed a DDT for a two count.

Kingston avoided a Skull Crushing Finale and he hit an SOS for a two count. Miz started focusing on Kofi’s knee for a moment, but Kofi hit a kick before jumping off the top rope. Miz hit Kofi’s knee on the way down and got on a figure four leglock. Kofi eventually got to the ropes and rolled outside.

The Miz went to get Kofi and Big E got in his face. Suddenly, Morrison hit Big E with a flipping dive and landed on his feet.

Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the win with the distraction.

Winner: The Miz

Bray Wyatt did a Firefly Fun House. He told us not to be scared and he wanted to tell us something… “I love you.” Yowie Wowie! That felt good! Love is so special, but not everyone is worthy like Daniel Bryan.

The Fiend doesn’t love Bryan because Daniel’s been naughty, “real freaking naughty.” He said Daniel is in a lot of trouble at the Royal Rumble. He just wanted to make Daniel remember and then he wanted to change him. Now since he wants to take the Universal Title he just wants to hurt Daniel Bryan.

Then he said: “BYE! I love you! Not you, Daniel! The fireflies!”


Mandy and Sonya were in the locker room. Deville was very excited about Rose’s match. Then Mandy picked up a big white box, looked inside it and took a breath in anticipation for some reason.

Ladies And Gentlemen… Elias

Elias sang a song called “Road To The Rumble.” The general theme was that Elias is going to win the Royal Rumble. He wondered if whatever Erick Rowan has in that cage is worse than a Lana/ Bobby Lashley sex tape…. “probably not.”

Then he threw a shot at Brock Lesnar for never being around.

Backstage Again

Otis was there and Tucker told him to quit thinking about Mandy. She got Otis to stay and said it wasn’t cool what Ziggler did to Otis’ mom’s fruitcake. Then she gave him an “I’m sorry :-(” cake before leaving.

Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose

They got off to a slow start, but then locked up. Rose no-sold a shoulder block and pushed Bliss asking “who do you think you are?! I don’t think so, honey!” Then Bliss slapped the taste out of Mandy’s mouth and kicked her down in the corner.

Bliss was shoved into the corner and Rose drove her shoulders into Alexa before Bliss landed a forearm smash that sent Rose outside. Bliss nailed a dropkick.

Sonya got on the apron and distracted Bliss. Mandy landed a knee to the face for a two count. Rose slowed Bliss down with a rear chinlock before they broke apart and both nailed forearm strikes before both nailing running knees.

Bliss hit some clotheslines, slapped her twice, hit a dropkick and the double knees. Suddenly, Heavy Machinery’s music hit. Otis came wandering down to the ring holding Mandy’s cake.

Bliss was distracted so Mandy rolled her up for the win while Otis ate cake.

Winner: Mandy Rose

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