Chelsea Green has burst onto the scene in a big way in the last six months or so, with everyone wanting to see her make some sort of impact on WWE programming as opposed to just being another face in the crowd.

This past Wednesday night on NXT, she was given the opportunity to shine for the first time in a while – seemingly indicating that she is going to be featuring on the yellow brand for the foreseeable future.

Despite that, she’s still interested on popping up on RAW or SmackDown from time to time, as this quick jab on Twitter clearly indicates.

Natalya responded but didn’t really give much away in doing so, but either way, when Green does make that transition – whenever it may be – you can bet she’s going to have Nattie in her line of vision.

It doesn’t seem too out there to think that Chelsea could be vaulted into a main event spot on either NXT or RAW before too long, mainly because she has every gift that WWE could hope for her to have.

If she’s given a chance to improve and develop on the mic, then she will truly be the full package.

Whether or not that happens remains to be seen but she has automatically injected a great deal of life into the women’s division, and the best part is that she hasn’t required the assistance of Zack Ryder in order to do so – and that isn’t what many fans know her for, either.

Harry Kettle

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