Arn Anderson is not a part of WWE anymore. He was fired after Alicia Fox worked live event in Michigan while she was intoxicated. Arn didn’t know about it until afterward, but he was still fired.

On a recent episode of Arn’s podcast, he revealed how long he knew that his days in WWE were numbered. He also opened up about the fact that WWE creative aka Vince McMahon ignored a great majority of his producers’ ideas. This was the running theme for about the past four years.

“Very rarely in those last 4 years was anything that anyone of us had offered, because you would get a sheet with the Producer suggestions, and names that go by with them, and they never would use any of those suggestions. and I knew my opinion was no longer valued. And you would speak up, it would be taken the wrong way, it was almost like it was Creative vs. the Producers, which was the farthest thing from the truth. We were doing all we could to support their ideas.”

“A lot of them we disagreed with and we’d voice it, and then we’d get kicked around the room, but by the time it got back to the beginning, it was just what was written originally. I just felt like the last 4 years, it was… I always kinda felt like I was one of those, ‘You WCW guys.’ I always felt that way,” Arn revealed.


Arn Anderson hasn’t signed with another pro wrestling company that we know of. He has appeared for AEW on occasion.

Double A seems happy to be out of WWE because it didn’t appear to be the greatest experience near the end of his run. It’s no wonder why some people could find themselves getting frustrated in that kind of environment.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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