There have been plenty of top stars who have been influential in the growth and success of WWE, but very few have been quite as important as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The world champion turned Hollywood superstar continues to feature as a name that plenty of fans all around the world want to see return, with the expectation being that he will eventually have one more match with the company – at the very least.

Of course, he didn’t get to this point on his own, as a series of people helped Rock to improve and grow over the years since he first started out in WWE.

The great thing about The Rock is that he’s never shy to give a shoutout to those within the pro wrestling community, and that includes Dr. Tom Prichard.


Prichard, who is the brother of Bruce, helped Johnson to develop further as a pro wrestler prior to his rise to prominence in WWE. While several people also helped along the way, Dwayne certainly seems to have a great deal of respect for Tom, and rightly so.

While there are plenty of new faces that are simply learning on the job as a result of the WWE Performance Center’s influence on the business, there’s no denying the fact that pro wrestling schools in the traditional sense can still be very beneficial.

If you’re just starting out in the business and you want to learn more about it all, this is certainly a good way to go.

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