The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are Executive Vice Presidents of AEW. This is a great career move for them, but they also had to say goodbye to other places to find their way to All Elite Wrestling.

During a recent video while they ate room service, The Young Bucks said it felt like they were being betrayed by NJPW when they were “kicked off of New Year’s Dash.” Then Kenny Omega discussed his own experiences when leaving the company.

“At first it was supposed to be fifty/fifty between myself and Tanahashi like that’s what fans were supposed to be thinking like he’s a savior of strong style and once [NJPW] knew I was going they did everything they could — they did a complete media blitz to make it look like I was a terrible person.”

“Once they picked up on that, actually inspired me to make the video [Kenny’s Quest].”


Omega paid for the whole video “because I knew it wasn’t getting cleared.” He edited it together and presented the Kenny’s Quest video to NJPW, but they weren’t interested.

Then Kenny’s Quest aired on Being The Elite and it received a lot of attention. At that time, NJPW wanted to use some of the video for their own purposes. Kenny Omega told them “Sorry, I already gave it to Nick [Jackson].”

Nick Jackson then discussed how The Young Bucks were receiving some of the same treatment from ROH as they were on their way out of that company.

“That was a rough month because before that we had gotten pretty much kicked out of Ring Of Honor. Of course, we were leaving, but it felt like we were physically kicked out.”

Matt Jackson said that they were all depressed over the way they were being treated and “it kind of culminated at the Tokyo Dome at the end.” That moment might have marked the ending of The Elite’s time in NJPW and ROH, but they had plenty more stories to tell after that.

They all went on to AEW, but each one of them have to agree that they didn’t get the closure they really wanted in the situation.

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