Goldberg was packaged to be a monster in WCW. His push to the top wasn’t planned and happened in an organic way. Eric Bischoff had an idea for Goldberg, but it didn’t include him going off the top rope.

During the Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg told a story that still sticks in his mind. He learned a lot of things when starting his pro wrestling career. One important lesson is that he should never go to the top rope even if he respects his opponent.

“I’m doing a match against Barbarian, it’s my second match. I take a belly to belly from the top turnbuckle, right?”

“I get to the back and Eric Bischoff runs up to me and goes ‘don’t you ever do that again’ — ‘what did I do?’ — ‘you’re never climbing up there again.’ I was like Barbarian I love him, I respect him, I just did whatever he asked me to do. So I started learning a little bit about a lot of things during that time slowly, but surly people didn’t have to tell me certain things, but I figured it out.”

“Hogan — less is more. Sarg — when you think you’re going slow, slow down. I’m a basic person, I truly am.”

When you think about Goldberg’s legendary career in the squared circle it’s really hard to pick out any time when he took unneeded risks. He learned this early on and apparently, he only needed to be chastised for it once to learn the lesson.

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