WrestleMania XX included a match between two bruisers that fans really hated. Goldberg faced Brock Lesnar at the show of shows, but the Madison Square Garden crowd knew both men were leaving so they booed the contest unmercifully.

Brock Lesnar was absolutely livid during the match. This was something that Goldberg was open about on the Broken Skull Sessions. He also revealed that even though his exit from WWE was a bit rocky he had nothing to prove.

“You know after my last performance [at WrestleMania XX] you would think that I would have something to prove, but I can tell you with 100% confidence that I didn’t feel as though I needed to prove anything after WrestleMania.”

“I had moved on from that aspect, but I still harbored the negative feelings for the business for Vince [McMahon] for everybody associated. Then I get married and people come up to me all the time. If they don’t ask me if I’m Steve Austin they’re like ‘Hey Goldberg.’ So there’s stories out there, there’s documentation there’s the internet so they knew me as someone who’s completely different from this guy who had been terrorizing the wrestling ring and the football field for years.”


“I was sick and flipping tired of going ‘Well, when I was playing’ so I got the opportunity unbeknownst to me 16 years removed I’m old and I’m small and I’m hurt, but I’ve got the opportunity and I can hopefully set the stage and show my family a little bit about what I do.”

Goldberg said a lot of it consisted with his training regiment, but that was only a small part of it. 16 years later his injuries also piled up in a big way.

The fact that he was 50 years old was also something that he needed to take into consideration. He didn’t come back to be Goldberg because he needed that and he had nothing to prove. He did it all for his family which he later admitted he used as crutch.

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