Dave Bautista really showed off his Twitter game when he picked up Dana Brooke and arranged date in a series of tweets. Their relationship has been pretty much out in the open from the beginning.

Brooke had a very short match against Bayley last night on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Bayley won, but she had to kick out after a sit-down powerbomb.

Fans immediately noticed this variation of the Batista Bomb performed by Dana Brooke. She tweeted out after the match saying: “Babe… thought of ya — not as good as yours tho, Dave Bautista.”

The Animal saw this and he had a suggestion. Brooke needs to shake the ropes for everything to tie together.


Woman! I’m beggin ya to shake the ropes first! Shake em! Shake the

out of em!! Then

… I’ll go over it with you again.


We’ll have to wait and see how often Dana Brooke will get a chance to show off her new Batista Bomb on television. She is seemingly Elias’ new groupie which is a role she plays well. Perhaps WWE will be able to figure more reasons in the future for Elias to insult a woman that Brooke then has to wrestle.

Felix Upton

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