Dana Brooke and Dave Bautista started a pretty sudden romance in front of millions of fans. Now she’s talking all about it.

“It worked, I got in the DMs,” Dana Brooke said on WWE The Bump. Then she explained how it all came about.

Brooke said that FaceTime conversation that everyone saw screenshots of happened while she was at SmackDown. Batista asked her if she’s free and she said “in two minutes.” Then The Animal was FaceTiming her before she knew it.

She revealed that Batista was leaving San Francisco at the time where he was visiting his mother. He was on his way to Las Vegas, but he still had time to FaceTime her. “And the rest is history,” Brooke said with a big wink.


Dana Brooke then confirmed that she does have a date planned with Batista. This received a big reaction from The Bump’s hosts. Brooke also hinted that we might see her on the red carpet with Dave Bautista at one of his movie premieres.

She said it all started during her episode of Ride Along. She kept trying to get a date, but every guy was denying her. She credited her fans for putting two and two together and admitted that this relationship is a bit backwards. She tries to keep her relationships on the down-low. This is not how she went about it with Dave Bautista.

“This is all backwards, right? Because you try to keep your relationships on the DL and down-low and hush hush for a minute. This is completely opposite. Everything is out there in the open and I’m like, ‘Oh my god what’s going on?!’ Like this is crazy to me, everyone knows everything.”

Dana Brooke also said she’s down to have WWE cameras along with her on her Batista date. They both understand each other’s schedules and lifestyles. She wants to support someone who is passionate about their job. The fact that they both love working out is also a huge added bonus.

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