Dana Brooke ROASTS Ex-Boyfriend Enes Kanter For Lying

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Dana Brooke and Dave Bautista appear to be dating now. At least they have plans to get together. Brooke’s last boyfriend, NBA baller Enes Kanter, is no longer in the picture.

We’re not sure what the exact situation is here, but Brooke is pissed. She tweeted out a scathing message about liars. Obviously, she’s not playing around, but she did delete the tweet.

“Let’s play a game: can anyone guess who the BIGGEST LIAR & NARCISSISTS IS!?!?! I hate liars!!!!! Be honest & life is that [much] easier!”

A few fans tweeted back at Dana Brooke asking “Enes Kanter?” Brooke replied “Bingo!” You can check out the tweets below. This sounds like a messy situation and isn’t the best look for Kanter either.

Enes Kanter said that he’ll be coming to WWE eventually because he has an open door. It might be a good idea for him to stay away from Dana Brooke for the time being.

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