WWE Possibly Spoils Huge TLC Surprise In Coding On Their Website

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WWE TLC is this Sunday and last night on WWE Backstage they broke the news that The Viking Raiders will put their Raw Tag Team Titles on the line in an open challenge. Thanks to some deep digging on WWE’s website we might know who their opponents will be.

When looking at the code for the Viking Raiders’ WWE TLC announcement, something very interesting was found. It reads “alt= ‘Viking Raiders vs. Andrews & Webster’ title = ‘Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders to issue open challenge at WWE TLC this Sunday.'”

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are a tag team on NXT UK. They are also quite good and it would be very interesting to see them elevated to that spotlight.

We’ll have to wait and see who comes out to answer Ivar and Erik’s open challenge this Sunday. It wouldn’t be a total surprise if WWE programmed Webster and Andrews into the code and then just didn’t change it so they could simply put it up as-is when they do appear.

Update: This appears to be from an excerpt from a photo gallery from Raw.

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