CM Punk Doesn’t Get ‘Too Sweet’ & Superstars Taking Pictures With Triple H

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CM Punk hasn’t been gone from pro wrestling all that long. The business has still changed a lot and he’s getting caught up.

Punk revealed that he is watching AJ Styles vs Finn Balor for homework. Then he had a very good question because pro wrestling today confuses him.

He doesn’t understand the “too sweet” gesture. The fact that Triple H takes pictures with so many wrestlers backstage is also very confusing to him. It seems to leave him feeling like a freshly unfrozen caveman discovering a whole new world of “rassslin.”

I don’t get the “too sweet” thing. Rasslin cosplay. Side bar, does everyone just take pics with @TripleH now?

Man. What a different world. I’m basically unfrozen caveman lawyer. Your world frightens and confuses me. #rasslin

CM Punk and Triple H might not be penciling in any time for a backstage selfie. During Starrcast, CM Punk stated that everywhere he goes at this point is in the wrestling bubble. Apparently Punk has a long way to go before he is totally caught up about what he has missed.

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