WWE seems to invite everyone back to the company at one time or another, but Victoria has yet to receive an invitation to any reunions. She had a career after WWE wrestling for TNA and on the indies, but she hasn’t been back for any special occasions when so many other alumni are.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Victoria admitted that it’s a little hurtful that she is never invited back for any WWE events. She’s not sure if it’s because she went to TNA or whether it was a social media faux pas. Either way she doesn’t seem to be getting any invites to WWE parties.

“It’s a little hurtful, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know if it’s because I went to TNA. I did a tweet in the past. I went to the first Women’s Ladder Match, of course. I knew all the cameramen, cable guys, and sound crew, but of course, everyone else changed,” said Victoria. “They were like, oh my God, what are you doing here? You have to go back and say hi to everybody. I said that I wanted to watch the show live because I don’t like to see it on the monitor. I wanted to go backstage and say my congratulations to all the girls.”

“He came back and said that they aren’t letting anybody backstage, my feelings were hurt and I ended up tweeting about it. You don’t air your laundry, which was my bad, but I was just really hurt. I didn’t want to go hang out with everybody because I wanted to come back outside to watch the show, but when you come back and they tell you this, you’re overthinking. I felt victimized. I felt that they didn’t want Victoria there. I felt excluded as a wrestler. I felt like I wasn’t needed anymore. I shouldn’t have tweeted it but I was really hurt. I am an impulsive person. I should have thought about it a little longer. I said that I wanted to go backstage and congratulate the girls but I wasn’t allowed backstage. I was so hurt. They didn’t appreciate what I had done. I didn’t feel good enough to have been there.”


“I stay off social media on those days because fans can be a little hateful and when you see that it riles you up. I have learned a lot from Torrie Wilson and to stay away from negativity. I did my job, and when I go to Comic-Con and Wizard World and they tell me that I should be in the WWE Hall of Fame, that is when I know I did my job. I know that I am a nice person. Candice Michelle asked me whether I was at the Raw Reunion and I said, no. She said that it broke her heart that I wasn’t there. Your friends were all the girls that were brought back, and then you [Lilian Garcia] texted me saying, ‘Don’t take it personally. We all love you.’ So, I don’t overthink it anymore. It is what it is.”

You can never say never in WWE so Victoria very well might get invited back. WWE has had several opportunities to do so but they haven’t yet. Hopefully she will get a call someday from WWE so she can come back and receive a little bit of the recognition that she deserves.

Felix Upton

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